Welcome to Stephen Lynn Handmade Knives. I was first introduced to knifemaking as an employee of Jimmy Lile Handmade Knives in my hometown of Russellville, Arkansas. I worked for Mr. Lile for a few years in the mid 1970s while attending Arkansas Tech University and later the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. The work was interesting and enjoyable and there was never a dull moment around the shop. During my time at Liles, knives were made for the everyday sportsman as well as celebrities, governors and presidents. I also worked for my father, Jimmy Lynn, an accomplished Tool and Die maker and owner of Bo-Lyn Machine Works in Russellville. Through these experiences I developed a great appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. After receiving my degree in Mechanical Engineering, I entered the corporate world working for Union Carbide, Exxon and the last 25 years with Entergy at Arkansas Nuclear One. However, it was always my desire to build knives again. I started working on my knife shop in early 2005 and completed my first knives just before Christmas of that year. I'm making knives pretty much the way we did in the 1970s by hand and one at a time. My main designs are fixed blade hunting knives and my goal is to offer a high quality useable handmade knife. I also enjoy custom requests. Please contact me and let me build a knife for you. Thank you for your interest.

Stephen Lynn
Handmade Knives
Russellville, Arkansas
(479)264-1112 | ozarksjl@gmail.com